5 trend hairstyles make you escape away from the heat and slay the whole summer

No. 1  High Ponytail

Every girl knows how to do ahigh ponytail right? And a ponytail makes you feel so comfortable when in summer. Moreover, it makes you look so lovely. If you have a big forehead, try to apply some baby hair to adorn the whole look.
















No. 2  Messy Bun

A bun hairdo doesn’t mean to make it so smooth anymore, sometimes it will create a higher frame by lifting and layering the hair, just like a flower that is wrapped by the petals.



No.3  Low Ponytail

If a high ponytail is a way to make you cute like a young girl, then a low ponytail is the best hairstyle to show your elegance. And a smooth low ponytail will directly increase your elegance and aura. However, a messy low ponytail makes you feel like relaxing in a lazy weekend.



No. 4  Bubble Ponytail

Famous actress Blake Lively-Reynolds as Queen S from Gossip Girls TV show wearing her bubble ponytail in updo hairdo. Lots of celebrities have been seen rocking this look with Blake Lively being a huge fan of the trend. By simply fluffing out the hair between the ties will give it some bubbly flair.


Kendall Jenner at MTV movie awards having bubble low ponytail hairstyle makes her so feminine.


Simple doesn’t always have to mean boring or plain. Sometimes, simple can be interesting and fun. When you have this hairstyle walking on the street, you will definitely gain a lots of attention.

No. 5 Braided Ponytail

The braiding hairstyle is an intimate part of the African hairstyle. Braids are an easy and simple way to keep your hair protective and safe for future concern. Though, sometimes we should try some different braids styles.




The great singer Rihanna, she looks so stunning with her mahogany hair braid and matching lip shade. You can also customize your hairstyle by making a simple and elegant long french braid including a side bang french braid.


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Post time: 06-15-2017