5 Ways to Protect Your Virgin Hair While You Sleep

Sometimes, we can spend so much time trying to find ways to have healthier virgin human hair, that we overlook the fact that our hair can also get damaged while we’re sleeping.

Here are 5 things you can do to protect your hair while you get your beauty rest:

1. Brush your virgin human hair before going to sleep

This will help minimize knots and tangles in the morning.

2. Braid your hair loosely
This will help contain your hair when you are turning and tossing at night. Options are endless: side braid, two pig-tail braids,dutch braid…Pick your favorite! (Hint: do a tight braid to wake up with mermaid waves).

3. Use a silk or soft pillow case
This material is a lot less rough on the hair than regular pillowcases, reducing the damage to your hair.

4. Avoid using elastic bands
They can cause hair breakage and put stress on your roots. Instead, use a soft Hair ring and tie your ponytail/bun very lightly at the top of your head.

5. Sleep With Natural Dry Hair
We highly recommend sleeping with dry hair – wet hair is very delicate and is much more easy to frizzing and breaking.

Following these easy steps is useful and necessary , because it will ensure that you are keeping your hair as healthy as possible, even while you sleep.
Do you have any tips on how to keep healthy and tangle-free hair while you sleep? How do you maintain your hair at night? We’d love to hear from you :)

Post time: 05-10-2016