About Luvme Hair

Since many customers complain the hair they bought can’t last and they always have a bad experience shopping on line,They don’t know how to buy the good hair from so many chaotic hair sellers on line.

Are you also been plagued by this trouble?

When the beauty of black women around world were so desire to be able to use the best hair longer-time without worry,as the top hair brand has a mission that brings beauty and valuable service to customers around world, Luvme Hair was determined to research and develop a unique top quality virgin hair, and ensure that the top quality virgin hair can last many years.In the development process,the Co-founder Hellena and Beryl tried hundreds of ways to solve this problem.Finally,heaven pays off,they found the best material in the world and the most advanced technology to keep the hair curl.Now we put our fingerprint here to help you recognize the original hair.

Most importantly, We are your consultant in terms of hair using&caring more than a hair supplier! We promise the virgin hair can last one year at least. In addition, We will try our best to help you solve hair problems or return/refund. It’s our responsibility to bring you a pleasant shopping experience!

Post time: 11-12-2015