Blend baby, blend! Burciaga Blends by luvmehair Hair

  Welcome our newest collection to the impressive luvmehair Hair lineup, meet the sexiest extensions ever made, Burciaga Blends by luvmehair Hair!  This collaboration with gorgeous model Jessica Burciaga, was created to embody her sexy bronzed beauty aura. Experience our 3 custom shades specially designed to capture Jessica’s signature style and color! At a sexy 200G 20″ range! Prepare to channel your inner bronzed goddess with the new Burciaga Blends by luvmehair Hair! Each Burciaga blends set come standard with our exclusive white & gold hanger and carrier for all you glam goddess’ on the go!

Burciaga Blends 220G 20"

Burciaga Blends 220G 20″

Box contents:

BURCIAGA BLENDS 200g 20″ Hair Extensions

2x: 4 Clip Weft

2x: 3 Clip Weft

1x: 2 Clip Weft

1x: Super Volumizer Weft 5 Clip Weft

luvmehair Hair Extension Carrier (White)

luvmehair Hair Extension Hanger (White)

What’s the difference, color-wise, between all three shades?

Burciaga Blends #2/24

Burciaga Blends #2/24

Burciaga Blends #2/24


Our Burciaga Blends #2/24, our lightest ombre of the 3 Burciaga Blends. The a dark brown #2 base color, transitions into Jessica’s beautiful signature honey blonde color at the ends. This is perfect if you are trying to achieve a light honey blonde ombré look.

Burciaga Blends #2/8

Burciaga Blends #2/8

Burciaga Blends #2/8


Burciaga Blends #2/8 is the perfect ashy caramel ombré color, to our #2 dark brown base color. This shade is the option to go with if you are looking to achieve a warm toned ombré color. Not all ombre’s were meant to be Blonde ombre’s , which is why #2/8 Burciaga Blends is here, featuring Jessica’s ashy brown hues of her signature look.

Burciaga Blends #2/8 Highlighted

Burciaga Blends #2/8 highlighted

Burciaga Blends #2/8 highlighted

 Here to let you experience the best of both worlds, is our #2/8 Highlighted Burciaga blends! Combing our luscious dark brown base color, with expertly highlighted ashy light brown caramel tones for an overall warm toned shade! Not to mention the rich warm dimensions you will get from this gorgeous highlighted blend! Jessica prefers this shade when she likes to add that warm contrast to her light honey blonde color. Trust us, once you go highlighted you will never go back!

Experience the sexiest extensions ever made, for yourself. Get ready to release your inner Bronzed goddess! Use code ‘iloveluvmehair’ to save on your Burciaga Blends by luvmehair Hair!

Post time: 07-02-2016