Braided perfection, luvmehair Hair Braided headbands

Dear BOHO luvmehair! We have the latest luvmehair Hair accessory you won’t be able to live without, introducing the beautiful luvmehair braided headbands. Designed of premium 100% synthetic fibers woven together into the perfect braid to rock in the ever popular braided headband look. Available in eleven gorgeous shades, and with summer just around the corner trust us when we say this is a luvmehair Hair essential!

We have taken the hassle out of creating the perfect braided headband! We have expertly woven together a braid that is not too tight nor too loose, one that is just right! Secured with an elastic band to provide the maximum hold for a no-slip braided headband.

Rock your luvmehair Braided headband alongside your luvmehair Hair clip-in hair extensions for a soft waved look!

@keybeauty rocking her BELLAMI Dirty Blonde Lavender ombre with her BELLAMI Braided headband in #18 Dirty Blonde. 

@keybeauty rocking her luvmehair Dirty Blonde Lavender ombre with her luvmehair Braided headband in #18 Dirty Blonde.

r pair with a sleek high Pony for more of a regal glam look, with a touch of luvmehair Style!


@keybeauty wearing her BELLAMI Braided headband in #18 Dirty Blonde. 

@keybeauty wearing her luvmehair Braided headband in #18 Dirty Blonde.

ake room in your hair styling routine for these luvmehair Hair braided headbands, the ultimate luvmehair Hair accessory! Available exclusively at www.luvmehairhair.com!

Post time: 07-02-2016