Five methods of hair extension you understand

First, braided hair extension
Then divided into three strands braid series, four stocks compiled, edited and cross method
Advantages: 1. Very strong, do not take the initiative to dismantle it, not substantially fall (but easy to tie a little longer).
2. is handiwork, in addition to the rubber band, no other aids, it was easier to accept.
Disadvantages: 1. difficult to clean, easy to possession of shampoo, not dry (knotted the main reason).
2.’s own hair is too short not connected.
3. pull the hair badly, easily hurt hair.

II. Crystal Line
In recent years, more popular access method is an improvement on the basis of the braid connected, some stores also put such a connection is also called incognito and invisible, its joints and then braid comparison, does a lot of small, pick out the hair will then form their own relatively more, its shortcomings can not meet short hair, it is easy to fall off, the best finishing time in January.
Advantages: 1 small joints.
2. Starting then type Nature (short hair is not suitable)
Disadvantages: 1. easy to fall off.
2. easy to hang comb hair.
3. not very good wash clean, easy to tie.

Third, a sheet joined incognito
Sheet joined incognito recent years is the rise of the connection, in fact, this connection will have a seven or eight years ago, when the main export to Europe and America, the country with the last two years more, then through the double-sided adhesive sheet butt on the hair, whether strong and solid, mainly to see the quality of use of the double-sided adhesive, and imports would be better.
Advantages: a pick Incognito pick out hair very natural, from the outside of the hand also not touch a hair trace.
2. This connection process quickly, usually more than one hour you can take full head.
3. sleep more comfortable, relatively flat.
Disadvantages: 1 large joints, joint range of motion is relatively small, inconvenient to tie hair.
2. not very good cleaning.

IV. Invisible Nano
Nano Seamless sending and receiving, a new kind of connection, with small joints waterproof, anti-high temperature, good clean, strong, but Ye demolition, etc., to accompany the sending and receiving praise by fans. To emphasize lower, this connection is through dense silk specialist, to develop a connection, and now a lot of claims out there in this connection, not with inferior is to use the crystal line connection to confuse.
Advantages: 1. take out hair natural and comfortable, very short hair that can take very natural, even if it is also connected bangs very real.
2. Compared to the previous several, stealth will not pull hair.
3. Hair activities range, good cleaning, beating hair tie.
Disadvantages: 1. Because the small joints, hair extension for a long time.

Five, then trace the root
A root hair extension, I believe there are some stores, but with real hair pick, and then finished off does not tie a knot, I believe not many, “South Korean Colorful Seamless sending and receiving,” so imagine become a reality.
Advantages: 1, easy: After receiving the free to comb hair.
2. Health: without bleaching and dyeing her hair directly to the hair roots.
3, color does not fade.
4, issue a replacement for the use of scarce hair.
Disadvantages: time-consuming.

Post time: 05-26-2016