NEW! luvmehair Clip + Wrap Pony tutorial


We got the Pony fever! Checkout our luvmehair Stylist, Lena, who shows you the differences between both Clip and Wrap Ponys! She will show you how to install each Pony on the lovely Marjan, aka @youngcouture_ from Instagram. Watch sneak peeks of our unique color shades offered in our Pony collections. luvmehair Clip and Wrap Ponys are available in three ranges and nineteen fresh haute shades! Designed of 100% premium synthetic fibers that can withstand heat styling of up to 400F. Style your luvmehair Clip and Wrap Ponys as you please  luvmehair!

luvmehair Wrap Pony

Wrap your head around this! Designed with a laced mini cap and anchoring bobby pins to securely attach to the base of your pony, luvmehair Wrap Ponys are here to make a luvmehair Style statement! Simply take the Velcro lined single strand hair piece and wrap around your pony to conceal your Pony tail base for a chic Pony look.

luvmehair Wrap Pony ranges:


luvmehair Wrap Pony 160G 20” only $39.99

luvmehair Wrap Pony 180G 24” only $49.99

luvmehair Wrap Pony 200G 28” only $59.99luvmehair


luvmehair Clip Pony

Clip, clip it real good! Claw clip technology allows you to simply latch onto your pony tail base for a voluminous look! In the video, you can see a second unique way to install your Pony. The claw clip found within the Clip Pony can actually be removed to reveal a lined lace cap with two bobby pin anchors. Say what?! Just slip over a top knot bun and get ready to flip that Pony back and forth!

luvmehair Clip Pony ranges:


luvmehair Clip Pony 160G 20” only $39.99

luvmehair Clip Pony 180G 24” only $49.99

luvmehair Clip Pony 200G 28” only $59.99


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Post time: 07-02-2016