Sending and receiving tips

What is hair extension?
According to related statistics, sending and receiving by the European introduction of technology hairstyle, by definition, it is the hair extension hair received on their real hair, and instantly achieve the hair from short to long transition.

Hair extension technique What?
From the beginning of the glue then evolved into engaging, then pick from the current resolution to trace the evolution of children sending and receiving, to present you today is the restaurant identified children access techniques, in the next issue will introduce you to send and receive incognito!

Why hair extension?
Some customers because congenital factors, their hair is not thick, it might not look heavy; some customers want a variety of colorful gradients, but do not want to hurt their hair; some customers because you want to attend some activities that require an instant change from short hair long, and other reasons. . .

What is hair extension?

The following lists some of the common problems for customers, but also to welcome you to add.

After receiving the hair Note:

1. take hair can keep long? Based on personal daily care and maintenance practices, then the hair can be kept more than 3 months;

2. What precautions after the sending and receiving? Then after washing hair when not playing group rub, rub a rich foam first shampoo from hair, then again spread evenly on the hair root; be careful not to wash hair from inverted forward flushing; after flushing is completed, if necessary conduct conditioner repair, pay attention when playing conditioner not directly hit the sending and receiving small children identified to avoid flushing is not easy, there is cause hair conditioner residue;

3. How long hair extension? Based effects and customer customers want their own hair length and degree Bohou final decision sending and receiving time, under normal circumstances, sending and receiving one hour to complete.


Post time: 04-21-2016