Superior Virgin Remy Hair Collection

When it comes to virgin hair extensions human hair is not always equal. Here at VH&B, we have researched and tested the market to ensure we can offer the very best virgin hair extensions UK, USA and worldwide, whatever your preference.

Our superior extensions use the highest quality hair possible, sourced from Brazil, Russia (and surrounding areas), India and Malaysia, so you can enjoy the freedom to purchase high quality virgin hair extensions online from the comfort of your own home.

For the very best virgin hair extensions, human hair is collected from donors who have not used chemical treatments, dyes or perms, making these some of the best virgin hair extensions UK, USA and … Show More

We all have different hair types and choosing the right one for you is important as it will determine how the extensions will feel and look. Have a look at some of the differences below:

European and Malaysian Hair: These are great choices if you have fine hair, favoured by Caucasian woman as the hair types are light in density and can take colour very easily.

Brazilian Hair: This hair type is extremely versatile and is often chosen by Mediterranean, African, Caribbean and African/American woman as the hair comes in all different styles such in naturally straight, wavy very curly/spiral curls. Brazilian hair is medium to thick density and is also a good option for Caucasian women who have medium density hair and want to add allot of volume.

Indian Hair: Indian hair is fantastic for women who have naturally thick dark hair. After washing indian hair it usually goes quite wavy which gives amazing natural volume and texture, Indian hair can be used by all hair types as it can be easily manipulated from very straight to very wavy.

Post time: 11-24-2015