The latest fashion trend in 2017—-360 lace wig

Summer is coming! The weather becomes hotter and hotter. So many clients want their hair very natural and they can put all the hair into a ponytail whenever they want. Most importantly, the hair can also breathe. Undoubtedly, the full lace wig is a good choice. Since full lace wig is all made by hand, the cost is higher. However, if you want the wig in more full density, the price is much more higher ,and you have to wait around 1 month for customizing. Therefore, I have always been thinking how to solve this problem, like not costing too much, can be put into a ponytail, can breathe and very full…

Suddenly a thought came and why can’t we do lace all around the head and put more hair wefts on the top!!




Post time: 06-13-2017