The role of common sense and daily care of the hair extension

Sending and receiving role
Then initiated action
A Quick stay long
Want long hair, you will find this process is very painful, when there is no hair grows to a certain type, and if you do not cut, will be difficult to see, previously only rely on Superman will insist, there is now sending and receiving, on You can make this process becomes beautiful up, pulling the other because the relationship will accelerate the growth of hair.
II. To make up for face shape
Radius of the face covered by hair extension, hair extension and extension, making it becomes thin. Narrow concave sides face shape through thick, so that turning abundance.
III. Head Type Modified
Need to pad hair root beauty, by sending and receiving can be achieved so that the hair from the effects of Punta, this does not hurt their hair, and is also convenient.
IV. Hair Encryption
Because the hair is less upset, the envy of others a thick hair, so, you can come to me, and soon also can have a heavy drape pretty fat.
V. back in time
If your hair is short, you want your explicit some younger, it can try sending and receiving, then after, you’ll find yourself really young, and this is after a lot of customers then finished the hair, very exciting reason.
VI. Feminine
Hair is a woman’s third gender to sign it to levy a gentle, charming, elegant, even if it is back, often let a man fascinated.
Seven more changes
Hair can be straightened, you can do a volume, pan up, tie up, down, you can also tie up half down half or compiled pigtail, you decide.
VIII. Lucky lucky
Then “send”, then “hair”, it is often said that the customer then finished winning hair playing mahjong, and work well, huh, huh …… can strengthen air transport,
I can not conclude this, but peach growth is there, flowing hair easier to impress the man, it is true.

In addition to the above, of course, there are a lot of action, it is not described, the final point is, you want beauty, you must be conscious to pay the price, in addition to money, but also requires careful care, and will find shampoo with faster, longer hair blowing, and be gentle when combing their hair, and as such is not a problem, you can give yourself a surprise.
How to take care after the hair extension
Many MM in the hair extension done or want to have a doubt when sending and receiving, sending and receiving is done can hold on much longer, according to the general protection of the individual to determine the time, and if you are properly protected, some time on the president, normal usually about three months. If you want more time to insist on sending and receiving long-term, then we should pay attention to the usual care:
1, the first grip hair when combing their hair comb the hair slightly, down again from scratch comb.
2, dry hair before going to sleep, or easy to tie.
3, the bath is best to use pots pick out the hair, because the hair is wet will be relatively heavy, easy to pull his hair.
4, since it is best to sleep or braided hair disk sleep, disheveled easily by their own pressing, easy to pull hair when turned.
5, do not hit the conditioner in the hair root part, including salon to do care, hair root part of hair is generally very good, we do not need to care, in addition to hair conditioner can clog pores and cause hair loss, and cause premature hair extension off.
6, try to use when combing their hair head round tooth comb my hair to avoid chaos.

Post time: 05-26-2016