Wig classification

Wig belonging to light manufacturing belongs hair products industry ๎€… carved hair products industry: technology spring, male
Shifa block, women’s wig, Mannequin head, synthetic hair wigs and other ๎€… points from the selected materials: human hair ๎€… human hair mixed synthetic ๎€…
1 Press the material is divided into chemical fiber and human hair. Chemical fiber synthetic wig is made ๎€… fidelity poor ๎€…
After wearing itchy feeling ๎€… readily reacts with the scalp. But the price is cheap, styling and lasting effect; human hair
Made wig is its high fidelity ๎€… selection process through pure human hair made of, easy to tie,
Can Bureau, the dye, to facilitate change hair hot ๎€… ๎€… higher prices, the qualitative effect is not very good.
2, divided by area: wigs and wig pieces. Wig whole wig ๎€… easy to wear on the head with ๎€…
Firmly ๎€… coverage area for a wide case. Wig sheet may be made according to different needs of different predetermined shapes,
Different sizes wig piece ๎€… strong randomness ๎€… high fidelity ๎€… good air permeability.
3, according to the manufacturing method extension hair weaving hair and hook hands. Woven hair is made out of the machine. General production ๎€…
But authenticity is not cheap ๎€… over ๎€… more sedate ๎€… poor ventilation, blocked hair follicles easily ๎€… easy to tie.
Crochet hook hair is hand crafted ๎€… high fidelity, good ventilation, comfortable to wear, but the price is relatively high.
4. From the technology point: the half mechanism wig full lace wig Jewish wig lace front wigs lace wig hair pieces
MONO wig on purpose: doll hair, anime wig, festival wig ladies wig man wig
Wig dyeing:
End wig principle procurement after the first production process: dyeing
First, if the customer does not specifically asked, wig must pass the acid treatment:

Amassing a certain concentration of sulfuric acid mixed with other drugs, soak wig! Why peracid it?
According to our ordinary people’s thinking, dirty wig, very clean! Peracid is easiest to sterilization.
After the hair peracid wood, easy to discount, but also hurt the skin! To aqueous ammonia,
And at the same time, can be bleached, dyed after bleaching may be required in accordance with!
Clearly the role of ammonia in the first and, to a part of the acid. Makes the hair smooth. Not discounted.
Dyeing, the need to provide the color according to the customer, agent deployment, make sample, color contrast, adjust agent
The amount
, Meet customer requirements color!
Followed by warm water clear and clean! If the color is a little deeper to be repeated several times to clean!
Hair wig production _ file:
File made: simply put, is messy hair tidy, flat end of the file!
Often stalls hair girl on the hair quality is very clear, touched can feel it!
About our company frequently purchased Chinese hair, Indian hair ๎€… Myanmar made ๎€… she is so described:
China Hair ๎€… hair tough ๎€… clockwork crude ๎€… color natural health.
Indian hair ๎€… soft ๎€… fine ๎€… soft ๎€…
Myanmar made: a taste
File made it, the piles of hair, first with the big iron comb after comb simple hair grip, followed by
A small clip to clip the hair a little bit out of alignment, the folder to hand that roughness, after that, to the other
Outside a person. Another person with a small wooden sign put a wig Qi profile! Large debris lines should pick!

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