Wig factory production processes and basics

Human hair: use on the market today is the largest Chinese hair  Indian hair  Brazil made  European hair 
China hair: China issued is the largest amount of raw materials, production hair wig  Chinese population  hair
Rather hard  peracid treatment can head to dyeing  longer do decorative style. In the United States and Europe, by comparison Huan
Indian hair: Indian hair hair soft  straight hair hair without China  small waves roll  chemical hair treatment
After easily broken  plasticity is not strong.
European Hair: European hair color close to the local consumer market  s is currently the most expensive raw material 
European hair hair softer  not suitable for dyeing and post-processing  directly used for sending and receiving more.
Chemical fiber silk: silk fiber is the raw material of human hair as a supplement  chemical fiber yarn is divided into low temperature wire  and 
Silk protein
Low-temperature wire: low human hair silk used a filler  low temperature heating wire can be maintained at 270 degrees
This wire is not deformed  styling  for reducing human hair raw material costs. The disadvantage is the low-temperature wire flammability
It was  combustion form a block.
High-temperature wire: wire temperature can be maintained below 270 degrees is not deformed  in shape for the production style.
Silk protein: raw materials  feel closest to the people closest to human hair hair wig  commonly used in the production of high-end
 products as fillers and automatic flame  products in many countries limits  clear requirements in the post-combustion 
Fake hair to be fire retardant  tragedy occurred in many countries caused a wig.

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