Wig fashion knowledge may not know

The girls know fashion wig teach you how to choose a wig knowledge, wear, maintenance wig! The so-called wig, wig is based on real chemical fiber or other materials produced by the hair!

Currently popular in the market’s most popular mostly Kani Si wig, that is, a chemical fiber material, made, of course, these are the fibers of the invention by the Japanese, Koreans put him to become a very common defense really hair, used to make a variety of wigs, wigs and other supplies! At present, already introduced, and wig production process is no secret, the size of the plant can produce daily necessities, of course, pure imported rarely, of course, price is a factor, too expensive and inconvenient popular, so now sold most of wig domestic production, as is also the raw materials, imported very little!

Wig in the 1980s and early 1990s are generally those with thinning hair or head defects in design, style is also more monotonous, but also with human hair made, in the 21st century, Korea has been widely used since the Japan Kani Si wig fiber production, Therefore, the gradual introduction of China, and lower costs than the human hair, in the fashion front, more people to chase star, catch the fashion, beauty, and convenience to wear a wig, style, color choice, easy care, into the more young people love to dress horizons!

More than a brief introduction, the following attributed to the topic, and many more columns wig (wig hair piece then there, then bangs hair, hair tail and other options)

First, choose a wig (to girls as an example):

Wig divided into short, long, roll, straight and other types, mostly now star popular wear or natural shape style majority, since the head type is different now wigs and more designed for the code, elastically thrust for popularization and set models, any no special circumstances humans can wear, of course, those of us in the country since wigs can design and production, of course, for the Chinese people, so the beauty of the people, tired of the hot dye hair salon cutting his wig, but would like to change the short-term hairstyle, it is better to sell several wigs to wear, it is really convenient, especially communication wide friends.
We Chinese people first type is relatively small, simply wear a wig, but the best, by a simple facial points, long face, round face, wide face, long face more suitable for long hair, a round face more suited to short hair, long hair is more suitable for a wide face this is a common standard hair master, of course, in fact, as long as they like, anything can, of course, the experience of their predecessors, you’d better absorbed.


Besides specific point, forehead sudden try to choose the amount of fat is enough to thicker hair hair style, girls chin slightly longer than the wig selection of models, fleshy face relatively thick eyebrows or a girl try to choose the amount of fat less, the eyes big girls do not pick the best wig style, this is your advantage, small eyes, short hair is more suitable for girls, fat girls wear short hair or good!
Wig easy choice, easy to grow shorter, because the wig can trim, most products are popular, you will not feel the effect when it is possible to go to a hair shop hair cropped at the master, the better! Many celebrities wear wigs, hair master is in trouble, of course, star level wig is not easily imitate!
When you select the style, it is best to think of others before their own evaluation or feel more satisfied with the hair, I used a hair style or hair or short hair style, his favorite, and then find related to wear, it is the best, effect immediately out to you some suggestions to retain the traditional Chinese beauty, the Eastern United States and the Chinese tradition of the most photogenic or long straight hair, this is all the boys like the Chinese beauty Oh, a flowing hair, then the modern add chopped , can be flat forehead, the bangs, so nice, straight hair wig is easy to dress up I’ve ever seen and finishing wig, choose when you do not know what style when wearing the election a long straight hair, it is certainly correct.


Add, forehead wig style, there are actually oblique Liu, Ping Liu, irregular fringe and other styles, which is good shape, we remember to pick Ay, Liu is more important, you can give big selected the changed appearance, protruding forehead relatively flat bangs can choose, there are flaws in the forehead can choose oblique bangs, the forehead wide selection of irregular best point, which is the basic principle, but the wig can trim, feel dissatisfied with their own style , you can go a little trim, this is what I said before the election long point good reason, and long-winded!

  1. Second, wearing a wig:Wig, easy to wear, is to wear a hat, of course, have the preliminary work, is to pack up their hair, like a bald round package the best available accessories, of course, hair clips, hair grip ( clips), the more the better stick head hair area as possible, but do not torture yourself too, MM hair long hair make more than good clip on the lower part of the back of the head, where you can hide behind some of the relatively more concave in hair, do not mean, you want results, you have a good clip!————————-Malibu wig is not only a fashion, but also a way of life;

    Malibu wig is not only a wig, it is a trend;

    Malibu wig but also a change, as long as you are willing to try, you can sun, young, confident.

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