Wig hair to make

Making the hair to be weighed  then distributed to each of the weight  be substantially the same as before  hair extensions. Each
Wig has provisions  weight is measured in accordance with instructions  wig design hair out on the said provisions
Weight  then tied with a rubber band back. Then pick out one of the fiber or hair bulb. After treatment
Or ironing or stereotypes  and put a rubber band into gold packaging.

It can produce different sizes of the screens: 8-inch to 30-inch range, the weight is generally 100g. Hair Weaving divided mechanism
Hair extensions and hair extensions  hand-woven hand-woven hair extension because of the high production costs  slow  are generally required for the mechanism of hair extensions. machine
Hair Weaving through the exhaust system is made machine to complete. Row made machines generally have three heads and a box  the glue
Metered hair dryer hair arranged in a row through the screens  Finally tire (the row is a good hair curtain roll on
One wig special glue)  Such hair extensions are not very strong  wig hair up. This completes a
A hair extensions. Bottom row good hair extensions are a  long it will affect the operation of a setting step so 
To cut the curtains. Curtain is to cut long hair cropped curtain does not exceed the length of the amorphous aluminum tubes.

The bulk of the wig

Making the bulk of the first to complete the production of the headgear. General and head caps front consists of three parts  .
Usually the guests at the head of stretch mesh  so guests can head to adjust the size of their own headgear 
And because there are so resilient to wear will be particularly comfortable.
After the completion of the headgear hair density will  by professional developers hook hair evenly on the hook headgear
On request there is 100% 120%. 150% 180% range. Hair after a good hook set upon request
Type  or straight hair or DEEPWAVE or BODYWAVE or YAKI or KINKY like. The styling is good shape
Wig into a hot oven for hair styling  adjust the temperature  be finalized. Curl
Different time required shape is not the same  generally 60-80 minutes on OK. Why fake
Hair curvature is not easily deformed it  that this procedure credit oh.

Men’s head faster production
Production of men’s toupee first to do head mold according to the size of the offering or skull. Made under headform
Shading  then can make different styles mesh cap  or PU or NPU or double net and so on.
Good mesh cap after you can hook the hair above the  equally upon the desired density for different
degree. After hair hook important step is to thoroughly gum  so easy to wear and comfortable. Feel good primer
After drying washable stereotypes.

After treatment is to wash hair wig  placed in special care solution soak for 15 minutes at 
Well sort of silky hair feel  then dry off the water. The main role is to clean the hair and wig treatment
Hair feel.

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