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  • Hair Distributors of 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair
    Post time: 03-26-2016

    Jenell Stewart, lifestlye and hair guru founded Kinky Curly Coily Me in hopes to educate women on¬†the natural hair lifestyle and journey to uplift and embrace their roots. KCCM has become one of the leading and most influential natural hair care websites for women of color in the areas of educat...Read more »

  • Empowering & Excelling: Birame Sock
    Post time: 03-26-2016

    Senegal native Birame N. Sock is a Founder of Third Solutions, Inc. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Her company Third Solutions,¬†offers MyReceipts, a web application that enables users to access, store, and manage their receipts, coupons, rebates. MyReceipts allows retailers and marke...Read more »

  • Hair Trends In 2016—-Choose The Natural Hair
    Post time: 03-23-2016

    ¬† Hair Trends In 2016—-Choose The Natural Hair In 2016 , more hair beauty companies and salons are going to expand. More and more people are looking for hair, hair material becomes relative scarcity ,hair price is going to be high. Because of this series of chain reaction , hair market is ...Read more »

  • What is remy hair and non-remy hair WHAT IS REMY HAIR AND NON-REMY HAIR
    Post time: 03-23-2016

    Anyone¬†that¬†has¬†considered¬†having¬†hair¬†extensions¬†added¬†to¬†make¬†their¬†hair¬†look¬†even¬†better¬†has¬†surely¬†heard¬†of¬†Remy¬†hair¬†extensions.The¬†term¬†Remy¬†has¬†quickly¬†become¬†synonymous¬†with¬†high¬†quality. People¬†that¬†want¬†to¬†look¬†their¬†very¬†best¬†are¬†willing¬†to¬†pay¬†a¬†little¬†more¬†for¬†their¬†extensions¬†so¬†tha...Read more »

  • Virgin Brazilian Hair: The Name Is Enough to Represent the Quality
    Post time: 03-23-2016

    Virgin Brazilian Hair: The Name Is Enough to Represent the Quality We all need good hairs and everyone also desires for it. Many of us are unhappy with the way we look and it’s common among people. We always try to improve our appearances so that we can have a good and attractive personalit...Read more »

  • How to Care Hair Extensions
    Post time: 03-23-2016

    Hair Care products Use good name brand products, Jane Carter Solution, Mixed-Chicks, Pantene or Keracare are highly recommended. Use a good (leave-in) conditioner to keep your hair soft. Don’t over do it. Too much conditioner or any other hair care product can cause a build up and tangling....Read more »

    Post time: 03-23-2016

    Human hair extensions have become one of the most popular searches on the internet. Things are almost always beyond our control, when having the human hair extension sewn in, pull your hair too tight make you pain and will last along time. Until your hair has grown out enough to provide some slac...Read more »

    Post time: 03-23-2016

    Sometimes, we can spend so much time trying to find ways to have healthier hair, that we overlook the fact that our hair can also get damaged while we‚Äôre sleeping. Here are 5 things you can do to protect your hair while you get your beauty rest: 1.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Brush your hair before going to sleep R...Read more »

    Post time: 03-23-2016

    Many people always ask me that what hair should I wear looks more beautiful?I am sure you also want to know.Following me,The following information will be very helpful for you.   When choosing a¬†hair weave, We need to take several factors into consideration. By selecting the best hair weave ...Read more »

  • There are several wig piece Material
    Post time: 03-23-2016

    There are several hair extension Hair extension is actually received with real hair or a wig on her hair. It can make the hair longer, thicker or streaked achieve results. Now hair extension, there are two, one is to spend a few hours in the barber shop Bunch Bunch then, he is unable to disassemb...Read more »

  • How to prepare hair extension & how to care after hair extension
    Post time: 03-23-2016

    Hair extension makes your hair longer overnight, transform any shape. Hair extension suitable for everyone, no matter what hairstyle you can do is send and receive. The method then braid hair extension short hair use less, the use of bonding and fastening method, the advantage is relatively stron...Read more »

  • Five methods of sending and receiving, you know that it
    Post time: 03-19-2016

    First, braided hair extension Then divided into three strands braid series, four stocks compiled, edited and cross method Advantages: 1. Very strong, do not take the initiative to dismantle it, not substantially fall (but easy to tie a little longer). 2. is handiwork, in addition to the rubber ba...Read more »

  • [Wig knowledge] prevention knotted hair extension method
    Post time: 03-19-2016

    1. Brush out your wig or extensions gently before washing. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any tangles. 2. Shampoo your extensions. Sweat and dirt cause tangles, so you should wash your hair regularly. Slowly wet your hair while taking a shower. Use a mild shampoo and lather your hair in a do...Read more »

  • tape hair extension
    Post time: 03-19-2016

    Seamless sending and receiving of more accurate Chinese name should be called SMD hair extension, tape hair extension called foreign (tape hair extension), mainly because of this hair extension due to operating speed, with its own hair into the good, relative then braid it in a way more subtle jo...Read more »

  • Seamless sending and receiving little knowledge!
    Post time: 03-19-2016

    Seamless sending and receiving Seamless sending and receiving in the country is sending and receiving high-end technology, compared to the past is compiled and distributed technologies to upgrade is called, is currently popular new method of sending and receiving, many domestic users to send and ...Read more »