• How to wear wigs look more natural
    Post time: 02-24-2016

    hair extensions is a good modifications, but not all people can wear good-looking, naturally. Some people wear a hair extensions is easy to see, would be particularly embarrassing. So why not learn how stars are wearing a hair extensions it? Xiao Bian today to teach you how to wear a hair extensi...Read more »

  • Four criteria can be identified wig advantages and disadvantages:
    Post time: 02-24-2016

    1, supple hair smooth, shiny natural color; 2, when light stroked the hair soft and no shedding kink; 3, under the premise to ensure that the hair, the more thin and light design, the better; 4, Peidaihoushu natural fit with no apparent sense of dull. The quality wig can identify two points: Firs...Read more »

  • Hair extensions care and common sense tips
    Post time: 02-24-2016

    I bought a toupee but also to understand some maintenance, cleaning common sense. Real hair care category this regard, the washing method is relatively simple. First, the shampoo on the water, and then immersed in a hair extensions (warm, hot water can be), and then a small amount of conditioner ...Read more »

  • The Amazing Comfortable Half Up Twisted Bun
    Post time: 02-23-2016

    Half Up Twisted Bun is one of the hair extensions that can present perfect personal elegant demeanor. This easy kind of hair extensions is warmly welcomed by different types of girls. No matter the young students at school or office ladies, You also can dress up yourself as a sweetie Barbie or ma...Read more »

  • Hair and Beauty Hacks for 2016
    Post time: 02-18-2016

    Men and women have been looking for quick and easy ways to improve their appearance since the beginning of time. As sciences advance and societal norms change, hair and beauty tricks transform as well. In 2016, there are now hacks for everything, including your face, hair, and nails. The three ma...Read more »

  • The Biggest Hair Trends for 2016
    Post time: 02-18-2016

    So here we are again, at the (almost) start of a new season, with fashion month firmly on its way. It’s not long until London Fashion Week launches in full swing and we’re set to see a full list of the hottest hair and beauty trends to land this year. But does that mean we’ll be saying goodbye to...Read more »

  • Valentine’s Day Hair
    Post time: 02-18-2016

      Whether you’re planning a romantic meal for 2 or a big night out with your single ladies I’ve got three hairstyles that will have you covered for whatever you’re planning to get up to on Valentine’s Day! Even better, all the products are available on Hairtrade for a fraction of the RRP. &...Read more »

  • Wigs and Hair Extensions The Secret to Great Looking Hair
    Post time: 02-18-2016

    magine wearing exciting new hairstyles you have dreamed of without coloring, perming or relaxing your natural hair. Hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces provide flexibility and can save you time and money. Hair-wear products make it easy for you to look your best all day everyday. Add volume and ...Read more »

  • About Hair and Hair Care
    Post time: 02-18-2016

    The information provided is a intended to provide general information about  hair growth, loss, and care. We recommend you seek the advice of a licensed stylist to address any special concerns you may have about your hair. Hair Growth Hair is composed of dead skin cells, dehydrated and filled wit...Read more »

  • Hair Valentine’s Day Big Sexy Waves Tutorial
    Post time: 02-18-2016

    Looking for something fun and flirty to do with your hair this Valentine’s Day? Try our luvmehair Hair Big Sexy Waves hairstyle! Check out the tutorial above to see how to use the 6-in-1 Complete Curler and some help from select luvmehair Hair care products. This hairstyle is pretty simple ...Read more »

  • Braided perfection, luvmehair Hair Braided headbands
    Post time: 02-18-2016

    Dear BOHO BELLAS! We have the latest  luvmehair Hair accessory you won’t be able to live without, introducing the beautiful luvmehair braided headbands. Designed of premium 100% synthetic fibers woven together into the perfect braid to rock in the ever popular braided headband look. Available i...Read more »

  • Those 15 Updos You Must Try in 2016
    Post time: 01-25-2016

    ♥Updo is always the fashion hairstyle because of its easy making,here , I introduce 15 updos which you can try in 2016, some are special, which can make you own an amazing hairstyle! ♥And if you think I have no long enough hair to make updo, do not worry! CLICK HERE! And let the hair extension he...Read more »

  • 2016 Fashion Hairstyle Trend!Let’s Try Together!
    Post time: 01-25-2016

    ♥2016 is here, and the new life is coming, so do you want to be special in this year, I think the hairstyle is very important! Having a new and fashion hairstyle can make you be better in a new year, then what is the fashion hairstyle trending in 2016?Let’s see! ♥Red Ombre Hair+High Ponytai...Read more »

  • How to Make Your Hair Become Brightness and Beautiful?
    Post time: 01-25-2016

    ♥Hair is very important in our life, and some people’s hair seems so brightness and soft ,but some people’s hair seems so dry and without brightness. Those situation is based on the way which people use to treat their hair. Here, I introduce some ways which can make your hair become m...Read more »

  • How to Care for Clip-In Extensions
    Post time: 01-25-2016

    I will start by saying, there are a lot of misconceptions about caring for clip ins. Although, I am here to tell you the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This is a very different type of product, and many variables to consider. First, there are different hair qualities you can purchase, a...Read more »